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President's Message

President’s Message

Spring greetings everyone!

Somehow it seems like winter would never end, yet school is just flying by. Every year I teach it seems like time is speeding up.  Some aspects of the year are better seen from the rearview mirror but don’t forget to slow down and savor the moments where you can celebrate academic growth or accept the gratitude of a thankful student.  Your impact as a teacher is immeasurable; try not to get distracted by the negative static noise around you and use your powers for good!

On the note of time moving fast, I cannot believe that this communication marks the end of my term as president.  I wish I would have had the opportunity to see all of you face-to-face over these past two years, but I look forward to learning and growing with you in the future.  Can you believe we have not been able to meet as an organization since Spring of 2018?! A blizzard and pandemic have kept us apart, but no longer.  Please save the date for November 11-12th, 2022, for our joint math conference with the North Dakota Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges (NDMATYC) in Bismarck.  Your North Dakota Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NDCTM) board has moved the conference to the fall with hopes that you all can implement new ideas earlier in the year and avoid unpredictable spring weather that has prevented some from traveling in the past.  We look forward to getting back to our math roots and are pleased to announce that our keynote speaker is Dr. James Tanton, an ambassador for the Mathematical Association of America.  Dr. Tanton is famous for his joyous approach to mathematics education and his belief that mathematics is accessible to all.  Dr. Tanton is going to share his approach at our conference with workshops for math educators on the full K-14 gambit.  I had the opportunity to take a workshop from Dr. Tanton and personally look forward to getting back some excitement and love for mathematical problem solving after the past two years of figuring out what we must teach as quickly as we can despite school closures, online learning, learning gaps, and absences galore.

I truly hope to see you in Bismarck in November.  Please make it a priority to come back to these in-person learning opportunities.  My career is richer because of the colleagues I met across the state at this and other local conferences—some of you reading this: I’m talking about you!  Not only do I learn from the presenters, but I enjoy learning from the other attendees about how they teach and who is implementing which curriculum or adopting the hottest trend, or perhaps I gain a new email pen pal.  I would also encourage you to consider presenting at the conference.  Teachers love to learn from other teachers and appreciate the candor of what works and what does not.  You have to be a first-time presenter only once, and there are board members that would be happy to offer any advice or answer questions if you are interested.  Check out information about next year’s conference and Make Your Impact Exponential in 2022.  I hope to see you then!


Sarah Volk

President, NDCTM


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